Home Buyers
Our goal is to provide buyers with the maximum information possible on your new home so there are no hidden surprises awaiting you when you take the keys.


Real Estate Professionals

Clyde's has your back. We offer 7 day a week service, and on site reports so you can help your client close ASAP.

Home Sellers
Having Clyde's examine your home before your planned sale will provide you with an honest, non-partisan evaluation of your homes condition. Small fixes prior to sale may save you large $$ later.


Home Owners
If your home is over five years old, or has a warranty expiring soon, a home inspection can provide you with an advanced warning of a problem before it becomes a crisis.  Living in the North West presents unique challenges to homes that can become critical if not found early. A regular home inspection by someone you can trust can bring you peace of mind. My thorough report for homeowners adds a wealth of information and recommendations that will prepare you with advice on your home maintenance needs.

Clyde's Services

We Also Provide:

Pre_Inspection services

Radon Testing

New Construction Inspection

Homeowners Warranty Inspection

Plumbing Integrity Review

Everywhere water flows into and out of your home and the plumbing venting system will be inspected visually and with moisture sensing  technology to insure there are no hidden leaks.

Ridge line to Basement Structural Review

Your homes frame and structure will be reviewed for defects in material and construction. We will inspect your homes exterior, interior, foundation and attic to evaluate structural integrity, esthetics and life expectancy.

Electrical Review

All electrical systems in the home will be inspected from the Service panel to the most remote outlet. All safety systems designed to protect you and your property will be evaluated to make sure there are no problems waiting to bite.

Clyde's Residential Inspections is dedicated to providing our customers the very best service available. 

We provide the following Services to our loyal clients.

HVAC, Heating and Large Appliance Review

Your homes heating, cooling, water heating and major appliances will be examined for trouble free performance and an end of life estimation will be performed.

Clyde's Residential Inspections

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