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William Robson - Owner



At Clyde's, we strive to make life easier for our Real Estate partners and our clients by providing prompt, honest, and detailed inspections by the company owner.

Clyde's provides our customers with 7 day a week service and on-site electronic reports.  This allows you to receive the full report before even leaving the property. 

Clyde's utilizes the latest inspection techniques and tools including Noxious Gas Detection, Hidden Moisture Detection, and Infrared Heat Sensing. These techniques, matched with my experience, allow me to provide you peace of mind that your home is everything it appears to be.

I am also a state licensed Real Estate Instructor of Inspection Law and Real Estate Business Management. I teach the teachers. If you want it done right - call Clyde's

At Clyde's - Your satisfaction is our only goal.

Washington Inspection Lic.  # 1063

Washington Real Estate Instructor Lic. #I4614

AHIT Certified

Fully Insured